Filippo Drudi, Editorial and Fine Art Photographer. Based in Rimini, Italy.


For a long time in my life there was music, calluses on my fingertips from playing the guitar. Pencil and paper at the ready to note an idea or a melody during my years at the conservatory; all I wanted to do was write my music.

Odd as it may sound, when I look inside a viewfinder I do the same thing—it's a different medium, but what it means to be an artist goes beyond that.

Energy and elegance, this is what photography means to me. Energy gives life and meaning to a picture. It might be what's happening in front of you, the light, color, a particular shape, or a gesture. When you find a way to take something complex and make it look simple and neat, that's elegant.

The choices I made allowed me to train with some of the photographers I admire the most in the world, and hone my craft in different fields. From those closest to me like music and theatre, to others like real estate and editorial.

While my skills and vision matured I also worked on fine art projects that were exhibited and published. I've also been awarded several prizes in international photography competitions.

When I was a young student about to compose my first original piece, a very wise person gave a piece of advice I still hold on to dearly: “Only write what you really feel”.

My name is Filippo Drudi, a photographer and artist. What you see here is a selection of my work. There's more to come, maybe we'll do some of that together.