Chimere Urbane. The Overlooked

Chimere Urbane. The Overlooked

Chimere Urbane. The Overlooked

Chimere Urbane. The Overlooked is a photographic journey about perception and imagination. Like in a Rorschach test you’re invited to interpret the images through your personal sensibility.

How does it work?

  1. Carefully look at the photograph
  2. What do you see in it? Write your interpretation below and click Send
  3. Check out all the interpretations clicking the link below the image.

I will process your interpretations manually so it may take a few days before publishing it.

From an idea by Filippo Drudi and Luca Rasponi Chimere Urbane. The Overlooked was first displayed at the SI Fest #OFF14. Special thanks to Carlotta Drudi, Tomas Maggioli (Si Fest #OFF) and Alessandra Gabriela Baldoni.

My interpretations

  • Nazgul / Knight with a pointed helmet
    Close-up of a worn poster
  • Hare on a fallen tree
    Scraped paint and rust on an excavator
  • Banshee
    Scraped surface on a graffiti wall
  • Child bent down
    Close-up of a worn poster
  • Pigeon-man with an alien skull on his head
    Paint drip on a graffiti wall
  • Witch riding a broom, dwarf and white bunny running away from the jaws of a monster
    Close-up of a scraped drain pipe
  • Alien head
    Small paint spot on a graffiti wall
  • Pantomime: Man upright shouting | South-american dancer | Boogeyman
    Close-ups of a rusted pole
  • Moai. Easter Island statue
    Scraped paint on an old wooden door
  • Skull and Etruscan mask
    Scraped paint on a metal door